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App ecosystem

Merchant Marketplace

Access a wide range of applications to customize the point of sale and open the door to new possibilities.

Streamline business and elevate the customer experience

Merchant Marketplace

With the Merchant Marketplace, merchants and acquirers can easily and quickly customize the point of sale by downloading third-party or proprietary apps without recertifying the device. Improve business operations with enhanced POS functionality, like inventory and reporting, or personalize the shopping experience with loyalty rewards and product recommendations.

Featured App Partners

Our app partners are working around the clock to help empower our merchants with applications that enrich the customer experience and provide business productivity. Here are some apps our partners are developing.

  • talech


    The talech POS app allows merchants to take orders, apply discounts and tips, manage inventory, and view daily reports.

  • Ecwid


    With Ecwid, merchants can sell on their website, Facebook, their own branded mobile apps, marketplaces like eBay, and in person through the POS.

  • Homebase


    Homebase helps merchants with employee scheduling, time tracking, and team communication.

  • Photofy


    Photofy empowers merchants to create and share high-quality, branded content, and drive greater social awareness and user engagement.

  • Worldcoo


    Worldcoo brings together committed companies with NGOs to fund projects with a huge impact on society.

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